The Water Bottle® is changing the world
one water bottle at a time - literally.
As a lean and green business, we help cities meet their goals of supporting sustainable business ventures and environmental practices. We create new jobs, new economic growth in the shopping centers and communities we belong to, and we do all of this with an increasingly smaller environmental footprint and impact. But our good doesn't stop there.

A largely unknown problem is the growing crisis of disposable plastic waste. Items that are only used for seconds, hours, or days last forever (taking centuries to decompose when they do). With the installation of just one Water Bottle in a community, we have the potential impact of reducing disposable water bottle consumption at a rate of 1.3 million water bottles a year, saving a potential 1.1 million water bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans. On average, an individual customer saves $376 per year when converting from disposable water bottles to our premium filtered water and reusable water jugs. The key to all of this success is our design. The Water Bottle kiosks create instant recognition with our proprietary and copyrighted kiosk design, allowing us to reach and persuade customers almost instantly with our easily identifiable product via our unique shape, design, and trademarked logo and name.

The Water Bottle is here to positively change and grow our communities, and we're looking to help green and grow yours.